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The Emmanuel Church Pre-School has opened, and is now enrolling for January 2017.

Children up to 5 years old may enroll.

Contact Eric 082-922-5900

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Emmanuel Church pre-primary exists to provide a Christ-centred education, which will enable children not only to have a firm educational and social foundation, but also,  and very importantly to help them discover and walk in the knowledge of God through Jesus Christ.


We believe that children need to have sufficient time to play, rest and learn and therefore all these three will be catered for, with teaching as the priority (Currently we follow a Karin Stedall Pre-school themes curriculum).

Admission Policy

Emmanuel Church pre – primary caters for ages 18 months – 5 years.

Hours of School and Care

  • The School begins at 8h00 and ends 12h30. Rest and play time until 17h30.
  • Parents can drop their children from 07h00 onwards and must be fetched by no later than 17h30.
  • The School operates weekdays from Monday to Friday, and is closed during public holidays.
  • Teaching at the school follows the public school terms; however children are welcomed to attend throughout the year with an exception of December holidays, where the school closes at the second week of December and re-opens the same time as the government schools.
  • There is no additional cost for school holiday attendance except for food cost which will be R15 per day.
  • Children are provided with a healthy cooked lunch each and every day at no extra cost except during school holidays, where the R15 per day applies.
  • Parents must only make sure that children have their breakfast at home or breakfast is sent with them. Snacks for the morning and afternoon breaks will be provided by the school.
  • Parents who want their children to attend half day can make a request.

Levy and Stationery fee

  • A levy fee of R350 is payable on the signing of this agreement. This is non- refundable as it is used for
  • Administration
  • A mattress that your child will use during rest time
  • A hand towel that your child will use after bathroom and play time (for health reasons; each child must have his or her own towel)
  • Stationery fee of R250 is paid by all children every year at the beginning of the year.


  • Fees are paid for 11 months in a year.
  • Fee for the whole day is R1500
  • Fee for half day can be requested
  • Fee for the secondary child is 10% less
  • There are no after care fees
  • Fee per meal during school holidays R15
  • Fees are payable strictly in advance on the first of every month and no later than the 07th of each month. Fees are non – refundable.
  • Fees are subject to an annual escalation and increases which will be effective from March of each year.

Daily Assembly

  • All children are expected to attend daily assembly where the bible is taught and prayers in Jesus’ name are made, any parent with no desire for their child to learn the bible must seek for alternative school.

Withdrawal of pupil

  • One calendar month notice must be given in writing.
  • Should you remove your child from the school without written notice, you will be held liable for one month’s fees.

Infection control

  • A copy of your child’s clinic card must be handed to the school
  • We appeal to parents not to send sick children to school, this may affect the other children and staff
  • Children with head lice will not be allowed at school until 24 hours after treatment is started
  • Children with ringworms will only be allowed at school if child is treated and the patch is covered with a plaster
  • Children with skin rash with fever will only be allowed at school if a health profession has approved
  • The following illness are considered to be contagious: Tonsillitis, all eye infection, mouth sores, diarrhoea, vomiting, fever 38+, or any other illness as determined by the principal.
  • Children with open wounds or badly injured areas will not be allowed at school.
  • If there is an outbreak of a contagious illness, the parents will be informed immediately.

Medicine policy

  • Medicine must be clearly marked, signed in and given to the teacher, no medicine will be given otherwise.
  • Details of the medicine, dosages and administration times must be written in your child’s book.

Injury Report

  • If an injury/ accident/ incident occur a report will be placed in the child’s book.


  • To encourage positive behaviour:
  • Complementary to the child for good behaviour
  • Handing out of stars
  • Motivational charts
  • To discourage negative behaviour:
  • The child gets three warnings and if the child continues with that behaviour it will be placed on a naughty chair
  • If this behaviour persists further, the parent will be contacted and we will discuss and agree upon a method, in writing, to deal with the situation.

Security and safety

  • Parents are to accompany their children into the premises of the school .
  • Children are to be fetched personally by their parents and if another party will be fetching your child, please notify us in due time. No child will be allowed to leave the school premises without prior notification.
  • The gate will remain closed at all times and you are requested not to keep the gate open by any means.

Contact details

  • It is the parents’ responsibility to ensure that all relevant information on the application form is kept up to date. The school cannot be held liable for acting on outdated or incorrect information.

Clothing and protection

  • Each child must have his / her name school bag for all their belongings.
  • Where applicable, parents must supply all necessary spare disposable nappies, powders, wipes, creams and nappy bags.


  • Each child has a book; this is how we communicate with you. All notices, newsletter and invitations are placed in the child’s book.
  • Please check the book on a daily basis and sign each letter so that we know you have received all information.
  • If you have any concerns, please write a note in the book or arrange a meeting with the teacher/ principal.

Progress and evaluation

Confidential progress reports will be issued to the parents twice a yearly in June and the end of the year

School T-Shirt day

  • This will be every Wednesday.
  • The T-shirts are available for R50 each.

Toys at school

  • Toys will be provided at school, therefore no toys are to be brought to school by children.

First day at school

Please bring the following to the school:

  • Small photograph of your child
  • Copy of child’s birth certificate and clinic card

To be send every term

  • Box of tissues
  • Hand wash

Additional information

Emmanuel Church is an active member of REACH South Africa; Reformed Evangelical Anglican Church of South Africa.

Emmanuel Church is governed by the church council

Rector – Rev. Eric Sabela
Mrs Karen Jones (Treasurer)
Mr Andrew McGill (People’s warden)
Mr Michael Knowles

Emmanuel Church Pre- School

Chairperson – Rev. Eric Sabela

Manager – Mrs. Tracey Sabela

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