Psalms 113-118 – Psalm 117-118 The confidence of God’s children on their God

This past week I needed a device installed on a vehicle very urgently……

No fitment centre was available to help so I just walked into one of them and begged.

The gentleman at the front desk went into office upstairs and returned with the news “sorry we cannot help”.

I then said, “Can I go and ask myself?” They said, “No, but if you insist, then go, but nothing is going to change”.

We cannot help you……

At this time I sensed strongly that God will soften the person upstairs, so I told the front desk, “I am going and I am going to come back with a positive answer, wait for it…..the God I serve walks with me”.

At this, the front desk gentleman followed behind me to see what will happen…..

I told the lady upstairs that I know that she is fully booked, but Jesus says “ask and it shall be given”

So I am here to ask……

The answer – “OK, please make sure that your vehicle is here first thing tomorrow morning”.

When we have seen God at work in our lives, we grow in confidence in our trust to his unfailing love…..

Today we are focussing on the confidence of God’s children… let’s have a look at it – we noted this last week:

Because of the steadfast love of the Lord, the Psalmist calls for all (117:1) to praise the Lord.

That is to dedicate their lives to Him……

The Love of God can also be seen in the fact that the cries of God’s children never go into deaf ears.

As a result of this fact, the Psalmist declares his confidence in God.

  1. God’s children have confidence in their God (see 118:6-14)

So he says – “The Lord is with me, therefore I will not be afraid” (what can man do to me?); and

“The Lord is with me as my helper, I will look in triumph on my enemies”.

He goes into great details about how he will prevail over his enemies…….

The enemies he is talking about is not a reference to someone that you just don’t like…..this person for whom you have a personality clash (maybe they never greet you; used your milk in the fridge at work without asking for it etc)…..

The enemy he has in mind, is someone who stands against God……

It’s someone who opposes the plans and purposes of God…….

It’s those who oppose the gospel…..

You see he stands as the servant of God……in a mission of God, thus he can declare that his enemies will not stand…..

Because he has seen God at work in the past……his confidence in God is stronger and thus he can declare to anyone that, (Vs.8-9) “It is better to take refuge in the Lord than to trust in a princess”.

This person is able to declare this because he has a testimony of God’s kindness over his life…..

He has seen God in the past. (Vs.10-14) In the past he had opposition from every side, he describes as having “swarmed around me like bees”.

In the name of the Lord, he was able to fight them back……and defeat them…..

Thus he can declare not only vs.8-9, he can also declare:

  • vs.14 “The Lord is my strength and my song; he has become my salvation”.

This is where I am saved in life….when I am attacked, when I am pushed back and about to fall”.

My Saviour is God…….

  • Vs.15 shouts of joy and victory resound in the tents of the righteous.”

Those who are covered by God’s righteousness sing songs of joy and victory over the enemies of God…..

As God works in their lives, they cannot help but sing the songs of joy and victory…..

Just in case someone thinks that victory means “a life free of trouble”….

The Psalmist declares, “because I am a child of God despite the fact that he disciplined me, (when God allows difficulties)”.

God has not allowed this to destroy me (vs.18).

Therefore, (vs.17) “I will not die but live, and will proclaim what the Lord has done.”

All this comes from the realization that God is close to his own children……he stays close to them…..

Their prayers are never wasted….

The Lord has been with him in the past……at the point of falling apart (the enemy did not succeed).

I believe, for those of us who believe that God is our Father because of Jesus Christ……can also have confidence in God, that he will give us victory over our enemy Satan……

Though we know that there are times when he may allow Satan to seem to be winning – for example:-

  • The case of Job.
  • The case of Paul with his thorn in the flesh (see 2 Cor.12:8). God had given him a thorn in the flesh, three times he pleaded with God and the answer “my grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.”

You see what is happening, sometimes God allows our weaknesses to prevail so that his power will carry us.”

So that all may see the power of God in us and praise God that despite our weakness we are standing……

Do you see that often the charismatics are misleading people, when they tell them, “You will always succeed if you follow God. You will always be healed when you have faith…..

You will be millionaires if you have enough faith to declare yourself to be a millionaire”.

Yes, God will grant success to his children and we must trust Him for this; but we must accept that there are times when God allows evil to seem to be having the upper hand……

The psalmist has also declared this in vs.18, but then when he allows this, it is not to destroy us…..


You must not waiver in confidence and faith in God, no matter what.

The same God who has been with you in the past, will be with you in the future.

Those enemies who want to stand in the way of God’s plan for your life will not succeed…..

But we must also remember that his message to us may be the same as that of Paul whom God said, “You will go through the thorn, but my grace will be with you”.

You will go through the fire as if the devil is winning, but remember my grace is sufficient for you…..

Gods’ message for you today:

Trust in him who has been with his own in the past…..

He will thrash the devil and all God’s enemies under his feet.

Even if he doesn’t grant the success you were expecting, accept that God’s grace is with you moving forward